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Top 5 Amazing Apps You Need to Try This Month!

New day, a new app to try out. Have you given a try on these new fantastic apps that will help boost your productivity and change the way you use your smartphones? And did we mention that they are mostly free? Read more!


Are you having trouble finding a good launcher that could fit your usage? Perhaps Ratio is what you have been looking for. This application will help you organize everything at a thumb’s length. After downloading, it will turn your home screen into different sections. Furthermore, you can also move all the apps you have around into these ’tiles.’

Notably, there is also a unique feature dubbed Ratio Tree, where you can put all the messaging apps like Insta DMs, WhatsApp, or Telegram on a one-stop tab. On the other hand, the Ratio also reports the time you spend on every app. Finally, it also comes with various customization settings so that you can change it to your likings.


Managing bills and payments at the end of every month is always a nightmare. Sometimes, it’s tough to keep up with all the subscription services we have. This is why we suggest an app name Billbot. The bot will help you keep track of all your online expenses for Netflix, Amazon Prime, or more. While it requires you to type the number in at first, you can get a monthly reminder on the amount after. Furthermore, you can pick each payment’s duration, from monthly to yearly. Finally, it will estimate an overall budget if you need it.

Volume Styles

Are you getting bored of having the same UI on your smartphone? While you could try some new themes, it might ask you to root your device. Then, why not start with something smaller first? As its name suggests, Volume Styles will give your volume sliders a new makeover. You could find various theme after downloading the app. Moreover, it also supports iOS, Samsung’s OneUI, and OxygenOS. Pick your volume slide style, then hit the start button. However, remember that it might not amplify your speaker’s sound.

Bluetooth Audio Device Widget

If you are using many Bluetooth products, this app is just what you need! This simple widget will list all the devices you have connected through Bluetooth on your home screen. No more spending time scrolling around to find each device. Furthermore, you can use it to juggle between two Bluetooth devices. Additionally, you can change the icons for each connected device.


While many organizing apps are available on the market, Memorigi stood out with an exciting twist. The app comes with a more colorful UI that is easy to use. You can add notes and fix your to-do lists within minutes. Besides, it focuses on your daily tasks, and you can also add more to your pre-built lists. There is also alarms and notification available to check your progress much more effortless.

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