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Sony’s PlayStation 5 sales have reached quite a decent number based on its latest quarterly earnings report. Catch the full news below for more details!

PlayStation 5 first-quarter sales reach solid numbers!

Despite the grueling race to get our hands on one PlayStation 5, the Japanese brand has managed to ship up to 4.5 million PS5 units in Q3 2020 (fiscal year). For its first full sales quarter, the console is doing quite well. As it will go on sale in various markets this week, we could expect the total number to hit a higher mark soon. Furthermore, the number of the PS5 is quite similar to its predecessor, PS4.

The PlayStation 4’s performance was also around 4.5 million shipments for its first-quarter. Nevertheless, the legacy console’s popularity has quickly decreased over this period. The company only shipped 1.4 million units, 100,000 less than its result in the previous quarter. Furthermore, the number also went 80% lower than its performance in Q3 of 2019. With the arrival of the PlayStation 5, we could see the reason for such a reduction.

The new gaming console now comes with improvements regarding graphical fidelity and storage speed. Additionally, its backward compatibility pushes most users to spend more to play older classics and upcoming game titles. Overall, Sony’s PlayStation department reported a 40% revenue buff over the same period last year. Once again, this number proved that the brand’s gaming business remains the leading segment. In comparison, the Japanese brand did record a 67% increase for smartphone shipment figures in Q3 2020. Over the last two years, they only 6.5 million units.

Market Rivals

On the other hand, Sony’s rivals, the Nintendo Switch, successfully broke the lifetime 3DS sales figure record. They managed to ship over 20 million units for the period between April and December last year. Meanwhile, no updates come from Microsoft for the Xbox Series S and Series X.

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